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Spanish-style building stands in mysterious Spanish yard, serene and tranquil, willing to tell the historic heritage of prosperous Shanghai.

Shanghai Fenyang Garden Hotel is located in former French Concession of Shanghai, Fenyang Road, adjacent to Shanghai College of Music. Steps away is the busiest commercial center of Shanghai, Huaihai Road.

Designed through the famous architect in Shanghai, FenYang Garden Hotel is given elements of luxurious Northern European Palaces, specially brings a noble and refined atmosphere to you. Peculiar fragrance of camphor trees flow into you with your paces into the garden, cleansing your weary heart.

The main building of our hotel is located in this garden of idyllic beauty among the busy Shanghai. There are 70 superior guest rooms of different styles, low-key, comfortable and aromatic. Some of these rooms own independent platform or balcony, enable you to appreciate the bright night scene of this flourishing Shanghai. In the main building, there are also Chinese-style dining room, Western food dining room, banquet room, multi-functioned hall, chartered rooms in different sizes. Cooked food follows tradition with proper changes and combine Chinese flavour with western ones, is willing to encounter you from time to time.


The villa was designed by Mr.L.E.HUDEC, a famous Austro-Hungarian architect in Shanghai in 1930's, The typical Spanish-style building was constructed in 1932, Listed as a Protected Historical Relic of Shanghai in 1989, The red roof, white wall, spiral pillars, cement decorations, iron railings and traditional lobby fireplace, After renovation, we have restored the original style of old Shanghai. Teakwood-fragrance gives you a taste of the classic history of old Shanghai。


Steps away is the busiest commercial center of Shanghai, Huaihai Road, Located in Fenyang Road, it's quiet and surrounded by a lovely garden. Adjacent to Shanghai Conservatory of Music, it's a artistic palace. The 2000 square meters lawn, colorful garden, big outdoor umbrella, Await your pleasure. Welcome!


The bright and dazzling crystal chandelier can illuminate us, The soft wool carpet is low-key and gracious. You will appreciate our smooth and generous design, noble and elegant aura, luxurious and comfortable balcony room, the food combine Chinese flavour with western ones,. Willing to encounter you from time to time.

Our professional and outstanding service group is eagering to offer you a personalized and individualized room.

Shanghai Fenyang Garden Hotel does not give you an easy trip, but a cultural journey combines Chinese and western art.

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